Coaching approaches vary and it’s important to find the right coach for you, and for the situation you are facing. In both our programmes we focus on three core areas:

Identifying a direction
Where do you want to be and what does success look like for you? We often work on an assumption of where we should be heading and what we should be doing, without evaluating if it’s really right for us.

Staying focused
Once we have identified a direction it’s all to easy to stray off track, either by allowing ourselves to be distracted, or by bending to the agenda of others. Our role is to ensure you stay committed and focused on the actions that will move you towards your goals.

Achieving your potential
You are responsible for your success. We operate on the principle of 0% guilt but 100% responsibility. If you accept this principle you can’t fail, you simply gain experience and insight for the next step. We won’t let you make excuses…but we will support and encourage you every step of the way.